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There are a lot of personality assessments out there, and I’ve taken a lot of them, but CliftonStrengths (Formerly StrengthsFinder) has been one of the most impactful for me (along with the Enneagram). Back in 2015 I was going through a career crisis. I was dealing with a severe case of burnout and after a long period of rest I needed to get back on track. By chance I reconnected with a family friend who had just become a certified CliftonStrengths coach. I took the assessment to determine how my strengths stacked-up. There’s a focus on your top strengths, but also your bottom ones. It’s just as valuable to know your weaknesses. While I worked with a coach for a few months, that’s not a required part of the program. You can take the $20 or $50 assessments and learn a ton from the report you receive. Knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are help me focus my work, be happier in my work, and know the places I need to ask for help.


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