Finances Made Simple

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Money | 0 comments

I’ve come across an awesome little book series by CPA Mike Piper that has been really helpful in understanding some personal finance fundamentals. Each of the books in the “Made Simple” series covers a financial topic in 100 pages or less. They are not meant to be exhaustive textbooks but to give you a basic understanding of things like taxes, investments, retirement, and more. You can read each one in a sitting and then keep them handy for reference. The best part is that Mike updates them regularly to keep up with changes in tax law. You probably won’t be firing your CPA or financial advisor after getting these books (please don’t), but you’ll feel a little more knowledgable about what’s happening with and what to do with your money.

Oh, and Mike has a great investing/tax/retirement blog called that you should definitely bookmark.


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