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If you’re like me, you hate doing house chores. For most of my adult life my system for chores has been to put them off as long as possible. When things got gross enough, spend an entire day scrubbing and organizing the house. However, I’ve since discovered the Sweepy app. This allows me to schedule doing chores one or two at a time throughout the month. The app lets you setup rooms and then assign various chores to each room. You can then set a timeframe for each chore, like clean the kitchen sink once per week and clean the ceiling fans every couple of months.

It took a bit to get all the chores added but now that they’re in there, my cleaning schedule is on auto pilot. I set it up so I do one, perhaps two chores per day. Each chore typically takes 5 minutes or less, aside from the initial cleaning of some things. After using the app for a couple of months, the house is much, much, cleaner, and I have more time on the weekend for rest and recreation with the family.

If you want to take a look a non-app based system for attacking chores more efficiently, check out this article from Apartment Therapy.


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