What Happens When You Die? Estate Planning Basics

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Money | 0 comments

We’re all going to die. Grim, I know. But what happens to your money and stuff when you die? What if you’re in the hospital on life support? Who gets to pull the plug? Who pays your bills if you’re incapacitated? Who takes care of the kids?

These questions are why you need a living trust, will, financial and health care power of attorney documents, and an advanced directive.

These documents help you give power to the people you want making decisions for you when you can’t make those decisions yourself.

You can try and do these documents yourself but you should probably find a lawyer who specializes in estate planning. Getting these documents prepared for you is not cheap, however, they will save the people you love enormous headaches when deciding what to do with you and/or your stuff.

For more info read this article.


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